The cover art of It, by Emily Boegheim. It is an ink and watercolour picture showing a young girl peeking out from behind a tree.


The rules of the game are easy. I'm It, so I go and hide. You and the others count to 50, then you have to look for me. If you find me, you have to get into the hiding spot with me. If you're the last person still looking for me, then you lose. Got it?

My first game It placed 16th in the 2011 Interactive Fiction Competition, but on IFDB it's now ranked 9th among the 2011 IF Comp games. Which just goes to show... something.

Reviewers said:

a game that rewards replaying and poking and proddingChristopher Huang

a well-described, detailed setting and dynamic NPCsDavid Fletcher

not actually sure what the chances would be that I'd randomly get two games in a row about hide-and-seek variantsMichael Martin