Dead Pavane for a Princess

You are Maurice Ravel, noted composer. You must find a way to escape from your study, for your poor friend — now your zombified ex-friend — Claude Debussy lurks outside!

Yes, that is the game's entire shtick. Take a moment to savour the phrase "Dead Pavane for a Princess", after which I give you permission to skip playing the game. Dead Pavane took 5th place in Ectocomp 2013 in spite of its faults.

Reviewers said:

I didn't know much about the rivalry between Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel before I played this game, but it did inspire me not only to read about their relationship but also to listen to their musical styles for comparisonJ. J. Guest

The conceit itself is excellent, and the writing is tight and wittyE.K.

the title is fantastic, A+++++++Emily Boegheim